Out-Sourced Confectionery 

At King Street Confectionery we stock a range of lollies that will transport you back to the lolly counter of every general store in the country 50 years ago. Buy them by the piece or by weight, all the old school favourites are here. All our outsourced products are either Australian or European made.

In-House Confectionery

Musk Sticks, Sherbet Cones, Peanut Brittle, Rocky Road and Coconut Ice, just to name a few of the traditional favourites that we make on site. All are made using traditional recipes and methods. No preservatives or premade components are used.


Our base Chocolate in all our products is Belgian Couverture Chocolate. We believe it is the best chocolate we can source. All our chocolate is hand tempered in the shop, on the marble bench in front of our customers. Our Ganache centres are made using traditional recipes and fresh, natural ingredients, which is why we recommend that our products be stored correctly and consumed within one week of purchase. There are no preservatives used here and the overwhelming majority of our products are Gluten Free! Our signature Chocolate, Lemon Myrtle in Dark, contains lemon myrtle sourced from one of our customer’s gardens.

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