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At King Street Confectionery, we are unrestrained by parent companies or franchise agreements, and as such,

we are free to create products that we believe in. As is the case with artisans that are given free-rein, we are confined only by our own principles.

These are simple precursors that apply to all that we do.

Respect the ingredients we use, the methods we apply and the customers we serve.

Our work is the best we can achieve, by resisting the urge of compromise.

And so this us.

We hope that if you visit us, you will observe these principles for yourself, not just in our products, but in our entire business.


King Street Confectionery Product

3 weeks ago
All about King Street Confectionery

If you are like us and have a coffee dependency, do you have enough Coffee to make it to the 7th of Jan? Perhaps the gift of quality coffee when you visit during the festive season. Whole beans, or ground to suit your requirements. Saving lives one cup at a time, here at King Street Confectionery.